You’ve Got B.O.: Americans Will Pay To See Old Jokes

Carmen Electra, Sean Maguire, Kevin Sorbo in Meet the Spartans

For some reason, unfunny parody comedies continue to draw enough support to justify their continued existence, as Meet the Spartans, a stale spoof of 300, Britney Spears and several other ridiculously easy targets, managed to edge out Rambo for the top spot at the box office this week, which is a harsh return to reality after spending 10 days among film nerds and art projects at the Sundance Film Festival. I also “get” to see Over Her Dead Body tonight, which should remind me why they have to hold events like Sundance to push forward quality films. It’ll also likely make me sad that there wasn’t a lot from Sundance that’s been bought yet. However, the documentary award winner there, Trouble the Water, is a phenomenal account of the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, with incredible homemade footage of the storm itself and the stunning lack of rebuilding efforts to this day. When you get a chance to see it, see it.

One more thing of note is Cloverfield’s steep drop-off after its record-setting $40 million opening last week. Once people have seen the monster, no one cares anymore, it seems. Or maybe everyone is already sick with the flu and don’t want to see something that’ll make them puke even more.

1. Meet the Spartans – $18.7m
2. Rambo – $18.1m
3. 27 Dresses – $13.6m
4. Cloverfield – $12.7m
5. Untraceable $11.2m
6. Juno – $10.3m
7. The Bucket List – $10.2m
8. There Will Be Blood – $4.8m
9. National Treasure: Book of Secrets – $4.66m
10. Mad Money – $4.61m

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