Sex and The Blogs: What if Carrie Bradshaw Was a Blogger?

Guest of a Guest blog wonders what Sex and the City would be like if Carrie Bradshaw was a blogger. Perhaps, they suggest, she would be a mixture of Jezebel, some random NY journo chick’s tumblr blog, with a hint of Fashionista and the Sex and the Ivy blog. But the question is, would you read it? Of course! Because it’s about a blog! Heck, I’m already hooked on the blogging adventures of the kids from Quarterlife and the show hasn’t even hit the tv tubes yet.

Sure, but we also have to remember to keep in mind the fictionalization of the character (besides her complete lack of actual computer skills). I mean if we start comparing Carrie to real life people like Julia, it just doesn’t work. We are pretty sure Julia isn’t strutting around town in new designer dresses every single day, plus, we’ve SEEN that red plaid dress (which we loved) on her more than once (something Patricia Field’s would make sure Carrie would never do). See Carrie’s not real, she will always have a fantastic body no matter how many times we see her shoving fries into her face at Cafeteria, she will always have the best parties to go to, and the best designers dressing her. She’s not real, but bloggers are. In fact, bloggers are so real that they often divulge every personal detail (sometimes not so flattering) about their lives for the thousands of readers. If Carrie had a blog, would you read it?

The movie version of the show comes out in a few months. Who knows? Maybe writers will be smart enough to include a blogger in the ladies’ midst [Guest of a Guest, via Gawker].


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