Friday Night Lights: What’s The Team Watching On TV?


Ever wonder what the stars of your favorite television shows are watching on TV? We got a chance to catch up with some of the cast of Friday Night Lights at “An Evening With Friday Night Lights” hosted by the Academy of Arts and Sciences, and they clued us in on what shows are keeping them busy during the writer’s strike:

Derek Phillips’ (Billy Riggins) Favorites:
Seinfeld: I’m a huge Seinfeld fan. I love Seinfeld.
Mash: I think that’s one of the things I’ve enjoyed about Friday Night Lights, is that the uh, it has a sense of humor, but it also deals with some very serious issues. That was spectacular about Mash. It dealt with some real harsh stuff going on in the world, but it dealt with it lightly.

Connie Britton’s (Tami Taylor) Favorites:
The Office
The Daily Show With John Stewart
Grey’s Anatomy: I had [gotten lost] but got back into it this last season.

Kevin Rankin’s (Herc) favorites:
Curb Your Enthusiasm: My favorite thing in the world, I just got it early on DVD, Curb Your Enthusiasm, favorite show of all time!
The Office: both US and UK versions. Yeah, but I mean Curb, I can’t even go beyond that. I love funny stuff. My TV is for funny. I don’t watch TV for drama. I think TV should be for comedy, except for Friday Night Lights.
The Simpsons
Friday Night Lights


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