More Talk of Arrested Development Film


Rumors of an Arrested Development film continue to swirl, and this time they might stick. Back in December Jason Bateman hinted at a possible adaptation for the silver screen, and now he and co-star Jeffrey Tambour have reignited the chatter.

This past Friday Bateman told E!Online: “I can confirm that a round of sniffing has started.” Tambour added to the hope on XM Radio’s The Ron & Fez show, mentioning that he had spoken with the show’s producer Ron Howard about the project and said “there’s a big push to get the film made.”

If true (as was often the case with the short-lived series), it seems to be a case of life imitating art, as those who remember season three ending with Maeby trying to sell the TV rights of the Bluth family story to Ron Howard, only to have Howard tell her that he sees it more as a movie rather than a series. Point taken.

Don’t wait for the film to arrive in a theatre near you to catch up with the Bluth’s, watch full episodes of the series here on Fancast.

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