You’ve Got B.O.: Hannah Montana Goes Bananas

Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana

So the Achy Breaky Spawn did her Disney Princess thing and more than doubled the box office take of the No. 2 movie, Jessica Alba’s horror flick The Eye. A movie version of a thousand-dollar concert is apparently a big draw. Also of note is the freefall of Cloverfield – two weeks after a boffo box office opening, it’s down to ninth place, both weeks losing over 60% of it’s audience. Goes to show just how much the opening weekend means these days, because a sequel to the big bug-fish-thing movie is already in the works.

1. Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert – $29m
2. The Eye – $13m
3. 27 Dresses – $8.4m
4. Juno $7.4m
5. Meet the Spartans – $7.1m
6. Rambo – $7m
7. The Bucket List – $6.8m
8. Untraceable – $5.4m
9. Cloverfield – $4.9m
10. There Will Be Blood – $4.7m

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