Fancast Goes to the Movies: At The Hottie and the Nottie Premiere


The scene was chaotic, to say the least, at last night’s The Hottie and the Nottie film premiere at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, starring Paris Hilton and Christine Lakin. You might remember Christine as the cranky tomboy on Step By Step and Paris from, well, you just know Paris. And so did every reporter who asked poor Christine about her movie. They wanted to know what it was like working with Paris, what Paris wore on set, who Paris was hanging out with on set. Christine, although probably wanting to talk a bit more about herself and her role, gracefully obliged. I see Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy taught her some manners!

The Hilton clan, Mama Hilton, Papa Hilton and little brother Hilton were there to support the heiress, and so were the paparazzi, who were scrunched up along Sunset blvd. along with the fans (but you could tell who was who because the paps had wild, vicious looks in their eyes! Oh yeah, and cameras.) When Paris arrived, blasting her new album from her black Escalade, the red carpet turned into pandemonium, with reporters, as angry and cold as they were, dropping whatever they were doing to catch a glimpse of her outfit or ask her any pesky question—and there were a lot of pesky questions, having little to do with the movie (which I guess is expected?). Even Perez Hilton, who was next to us when she arrived, slowly trailed off whatever he was talking about just to look at her. Then he came back to earth “I’m sorry, what did you ask?” he stumbled. We can only guess what he was planning on writing about her on his blog.

There were some gems in the crowd, like the adorable little Caleb Guss, whose dad told us he’d be playing Ringo Star’s son in his next film, the lovable Mr. Gary Marshall whose long list of credits include A League of Their Own, Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries and old time classics like the Dick Van Dyke show, Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley, and funny man Greg Wilson.

Caleb Guss (young Nate) on working with Paris
Meeting her was fun, bc I’ve seen her in movies and stuff. It was fun being in a movie with someone I’ve seen in a movie! I didn’t know if I was gonna work with her. I always saw her in makeup, and but it was fun to think that I could be in a movie with someone that big!

What he’s watching on TV:
Cartoons? Tv shows, I’m watching Lost and Saturday Night Live, and something else…I don’t know!

The Greg Wilson (Arno) on what he’s watching on TV:
I just started Lost again, my guilty pleasure is American Idol. I can’t stand it, I watch the show, mostly the early rounds, they’re the best, all the meltdowns, the Daily Show and The Daily Show.


Kathy Hilton on what the Hilton household is watching on TV?
I would say we are watching…we love that Dancing with the Stars and American Idol!

Christine Laikin on working with Paris
I actually really got to know her in terms of what we did during our rehearsals and things like that. She’s an incredibly sweet girl, and I think she’s a girls girl. She loves fashion, her closet is amazing, she knows how to have a great time and she’s really loyal to her friends. I think the thing that people would be surprised to know is that she’s got a lot of girlfriends who are really normal, sweet girls, not Hollywood girls, who kind of have just been with her for a long time. So, it was a pleasure getting to kind of hang out with her.

And then, there was Paris:

Paris on Letterman
Letterman was amazing. He’s so sweet, so charming, he’s the best. When the strike’s over we’re gonna talk more.

Paris on directing
Maybe one day, not right now [inaudible]

Paris on Valentines day plans, will she be spending it with Stavros?
I’m single, so I’ll be in Las Vegas working, doing the pussycat dolls show.

Paris on whether she would have wanted to play the Nottie part

No. I couldn’t, like, I couldn’t. The prosthetics are too gnarly!


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