Fancast Trailer Studies 101: Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show

Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show

Let’s watch the trailer for Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show, shall we? It’s coming out this weekend, so we might as well prep for it. Take a look at the trailer linked above and come back, then we’ll discuss.

Vince Vaughn is a funny guy – he steals scenes in movies all the time, often making them worth watching with his particular brand of energetic smartass snark. But these are films with honed and polished scripts, so he doesn’t have to come up with the comedy himself. He just needs to put his own spin on the delivery, which he does exceedingly well.

Now, he’s gathered up a gang of comedians and toured America with them. True, he’s the emcee, so he doesn’t have to be all that funny. He’s there for marquee value to bring attention to the other comics. However, this trailer doesn’t show you anything ABOUT those other comics. It opens with a very lame ‘Girls Gone Wild’ joke. Seriously – THAT is supposed to be the kick-off line to make people want to see this? Maybe they were hoping the woman yelling to see man-boobs was titillating enough to make folks perk up and take notice, but you really need a better rejoinder if that’s what they’re noticing. Or maybe they’re just trying to create the subliminal hope that maybe they’ll somehow show boobs in a stand-up comedy show.

Then we see a bunch of inside jokes about Swingers, a movie that’s almost 12 years old now, to show off celebrity guests Jon Favreau and Justin Long. We don’t get anything but the briefest nonsensical blurbs from any of the actual comedians. Yes, no one really knows these guys, but for pete’s sake, they have to be saying something funny enough to put in the promotional material, even if Vaughn is the main draw. There’s always the chance that all the material is too filthy for trailer purposes, I suppose, but even bleeped-out naughty words can create that ‘taboo’ feeling the earlier boobie reference seems to be going for.

I’m a fan of stand-up comedy, and I know you really can’t get a sense of a comic’s worth by taking one or two jokes out of context, and sometimes knowing what a comedian is going to say spoils the humor, sure. But this trailer makes me wonder just how much of this film is made up of Vaughn’s ego rolling around, judging by that last moment of bragging about how many towns they’ve rocked. I don’t know the guy, I can’t say. I just have my suspicions.

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