News: Lauren Conrad’s Former Editor Speaks Out


The Teen Vogue head honchos are speaking out about The Hills girls, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, and it turns out they didn’t give the pink slip to the gals because of hard partying, as was previously reported by WWD. It was just time for them to motor:

“I just thought it was time for them to try something new,” Editor-In-Chief Amy Astley told at the Ralph Lauren fall fashion show this morning. “An internship is a short thing, and I just felt it was time for them to move on a little bit.”

Women’s Wear Daily had reported the magazine decided to part ways with the MTV reality show because of the girls’ wild lifestyles of clubbing, makingout and feuding.

“I think that’s really why Teen Vogue had had their moment with them — it went into another zone,” their boss, editor Lisa Love, told Us.

Asked if the show is scripted, Love replied, “I think why they say all that is because there’s so much editing.

“They shoot reality and somehow it’s changed in the editing room to appeal to things, I don’t know,” she said. “I’ve never watched the show.

“They were great interns in the beginning,” Love added of Conrad and Port, “and then it’s time for interns to go some place else, right?”

Seems like Conrad has already moved on. She recently unveiled her new clothing line, the Lauren Conrad Collection.

What does Love think of her designs?

“I think it’s more T-shirt kind of things and jeans, very simple basics.”

Still, she said the duds could “possibly” be featured in a larger facet in the magazine.[Us]

Hmmm. Is it just me or do I sense subtle weirdness in the “so much editing” “they were great at the beginning” and maybe even the “very simple basics” comments? Sounds like pent up animosity if I ever heard it.

Watch the girls interact with Teen Vogue editors at Fancast.

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