Happy Anniversary Cops!


Next week is the 20th anniversary of America’s favorite criminals-gone-wild series, Cops (it’s also a weekly top performer among Fancast users).

In honor of the milestone, Fox is releasing a DVD box set featuring the original pilot, tons of bonus footage, including spoofs and “cops on Cops”, and some hilarious interviews with celebrity fans of the show Luke Wilson, Pete Sampras, and Chris O’Donnell.

How did it all begin? Simple. With no end in sight to the 1988 writers strike, and no new programming coming in, Fox decided a voyeuristic glimpse into the lives of outrageous criminals and the cops chasing them would be good TV. With a catchy theme song – sing it “Whachu gonna do, whachu gonna do when they come for you” – they were right. You can watch full episodes of Cops on Fancast right now by clicking here.


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