How Actors Move On, or Valentines Day Massacres!


Two post-breakup stories in the news today. Both very sad tales but each for a different reason. Both stories also have one thing in common: they share the consequences of the constant glare of the media, conjuring up the question: Can any relationship between two high profile actors survive? I guess only time and Brangelina will tell.

Ryan Phillippe opened up to W magazine about his divorce with Reese, whom he calls “the highest paid actress in film”. He talks about those first few months after the breakup as extremely dark times, during which he couldn’t get out of bed. Interestingly he also talks about the rumor of a certain leading lady potentially being responsible for his divorce:

“I certainly understand the level of interest that comes along with a public marriage, and with being married to someone like Reese, who so many people love with good reason. People want answers,” he says. “But I think sometimes they wouldn’t be happy with what the answers would be.”

Instead, he says, the reason for the breakup was “far more complicated and far less interesting than it’s made out to be. To look and search for these salacious reasons, to pin it on a person, or a moment in someone’s life, it’s not realistic.”

Though the drama of the divorce has died down – and he and Witherspoon, 31, “have done a really good job at keeping things peaceable and completely focused on” the children – “I spend a lot of time just holed up in my house in Los Angeles,” he says. “I don’t really go out because I know it’s going to turn into a photo shoot.”

Though Phillippe is in the new movie Stop-Loss, a drama about Iraq war soldiers, he admits that the main reason he’s of interest to the paparazzi “is because I was married to the highest-paid actress in the world. Even though I’m not with her any longer, there is a certain amount of notoriety that I guess sticks beyond.”

Say he, “It’s just not interesting to me. It’s not how I want to be defined.”

As for reports that his current costar, Abbie Cornish, was the third wheel in his marriage, and one of the possible causes of the divorce, Phillipe laughs off the notion.

“It was unfair for her to be called the names that she was, because it wasn’t about that,” he says. “I don’t think an outside person can ever cause a divorce. I had difficulties in my relationship, and in my marriage, long before I ever met her.”[People]


On the other side of the breakup spectrum lies the very sad tragedy that began with the Ledger-Michelle breakup. In an interview with a Wonderland magazine back in September of 2007, Michelle Williams talks briefly about moving on from Heath:

“Obviously so much has changed for me in the last few months that I don’t really have an idea of what my life is going to be,” the 27-year-old – who split with Ledger, the father of their 2-year-old daughter, Matlida, last September – says in the just-published interview. “I thought I knew certain things and it turned out that I didn’t, so I don’t really try and anticipate so much anymore. I’m not making any bets on the future.

“When you’re in a relationship with somebody who is also a public personality, then it doubles the attention from the media,” she explained. “When you minus that equation, it’s just less enticing. That’s been a real bonus. It’s the plus side of the break-up for me.” [People]

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