News: Molly Ringwald Turns 40!

Listen up, MTV generation (you know who you are! You know damn well who Martha Quinn is and Billy Idol is literally your idol). One of your sweet 16’s isn’t so 16 anymore, because the queen of the 80’s has just turned 40! To further fan your midlife crisis, Entertainment Weekly brings home the extent of this mass oldification of 80’s celebs:

Another millstone milestone guaranteed to make Gen-Xers feel old: Today, Molly RIngwald hits the big 4-0. (If it’s any consolation, there are lots of other celebrity birthdays today as well: Dr. Dre is 43, Matt Dillon is 44, Vanna White is 51, John Travolta is 54, Cybill Shepherd is 58, Yoko Ono is 75, Toni Morrison is 77, and George Kennedy is 83.) Still, for moviegoers of a certain age, their love for Ringwald is as undying as their puzzlement over why she hasn’t had a better post-Brat Pack career. In her honor, then, a birthday haiku. (Write your own in the comments below.) [Entertainment Weekly]

In honor of this venerable milestone, we bring you The Ringwald Four: films that changed Molly’s life in addition to changing the face of the decade of New Wave.


The Breakfast Club (Full movie)


Sixteen Candles (Trailer)

Face the Music (Trailer)


Pretty In Pink (Trailer)

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