Fancast at the Oscars Gifting Suites, Part Two

We hit up the second day of the Silver Spoon Ultimate Gifting Experience this friday–a full six hours of jam packed celebs browsing through beauty products, fashion and jewelry, gizmos and, of course, food for the foodies. The first half of the party was guest-light because the crazy rain kept most sun-addicted guests at home (yes, in L.A. it’s a near-apocalypse with even just a hint of gray skies) but as the sun began to shine on Hollywood Blvd, the doors opened and the celebs trickled in. Gregory Michaels, of Dante’s Cove and As the World Turns took care to hit up every single booth and make nice conversation with vendors, who seemed to love him (especially the girls). Shannon Elizabeth was as sweet as can be, asking vendors about products and getting lots of free goodies along the way. She especially loved the Single line (she waited in line to check out the dresses). Another super fun celeb was Tatyana Ali from Fresh Prince of Bel Air and The Young and the Restless, who chatted us up and told us she particularly liked the Vestalife Ladybug iPOD dock.

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The entire event got a little bit sweeter when Ms. Elizabeth entered the gifting suite. She was probably the nicest guest of the two-day event.

Tatyana wasn’t really sure what her favorite part of the day was since when we caught up to her she had just began to browse the upstairs area, but she chose the Ladybug (and showed it to us!)

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We were told Fish Eye, an eco-friendly wine, was Jason Reitman’s favorite. We’ll toast to that (and we’ll go out and buy a box!)

Michael Gregory at the antioxidant, natural FRS energy drink. Who needs Red Bull to stay awake at the Oscars? We don’t.

Seriously, Melissa Rivers said she was a big fan of this product. It’s a ladies only compact with extra, um, goodies inside.



Entourage’s Rex Lee was there picking up swag. Was it for himself or for Ari?
October Road’s Elizabeth Bogush was a big fan of the JawBone bluetooth headset, in addition to the Fish Eye wine. That’s actually a really good combo: you can sip wine while talking on the hands-free on your phone.

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