News: Did Internet Kill the Oscar Star?


Did you watch the Oscars? Looks like 20 percent less of you did. Was the drop due to fallout from the writers’ strike? Gary Busey? All those red dresses? or was it due to the internets and all those freaking liveblogs we had to live with on Sunday? Carpetbagger thinks so!

They know that the best bits will be archived, streamed and reiterated. The Bagger missed some of the show while working, but caught up with all of it within a single 24-hour news cycle without even trying, through a variety of devices and media.

Nor is celebrity the precious driver of big numbers it used to be. Not too long ago people would tune in to the Oscars to find out what Jessica Alba or Cate Blanchett looked like with a baby bump. But in today’s real-time celeb information economy, anyone who cared probably already knew what they looked like and may even have seen the dresses they had selected to wear on the red carpet.

Celebrities are just not the remote, untouchable creatures they once were — they are our familiars, and we know all too well what they are up to. [Carpetbagger, via Gawker]

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