News: Kate Hudson Comes Clean About Her Toned Bod


The team here at Fancast has been wondering what is up with the incredibly toned physique that Kate Hudson sports in the poster for her new film, Fool’s Gold. Seriously, she looks stunning and totally confident–a perfect match for her equally toned and super-hunky co-star. As a result, I’ve been scouring the web trying to find what exactly her secret is (pilates? Adobe PhotoShop?) but had no luck. Well she’s finally come clean and has admitted to the shocking allegations that….uh…she works out all the time. Damn. Here I was waiting for something totally weird. Like the cranberry tartar sauce diet. No such luck!

“I’ve danced my whole life,” Hudson, 28, tells the U.K.’s Total Film magazine in its April issue. “I work out all the time and I’m not worried about being totally perfect.”

Besides, she says of the movie, which costars Matthew McConaughey: “[My character is] a diver, so I’m not wearing this tiny string bikini; they’re more the Speedo-type bikini – you know, the ones that cover pretty much everything.”

For the record, the diving in the film is real – and hers, she says. “I got certified [for scuba] on the Great Barrier Reef! I carry my certificate around with me in my wallet. Matthew got certified in five seconds, but it took me a couple of weeks.” [Total Film Magazine, via People]

Watch Kate Hudson’s super cute bod at Fool’s Gold:
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