News: Whoopi Goldberg In Character for Vanity Fair

I personally like the last look, where she’s kinda making fun of her boss. But there’s one important look that’s missing:

Off Center: You’re a well-liked TV show host who was recently dissed by the Academy of Motion Pictures by being edited out of the Oscar host montage.


Left: You’re the ever obeisant wife of a charismatic televangelist, and you’ve just learned that a male prostitute is about to go public with his story of a years-long affair with your husband.

Center: You’re a fabulously wealthy Fifth Avenue matron, greeting your building’s doormen—whom you never tip—with a cheery “Merry Christmas!”

Right: You’re Barbara Walters, interviewing a recently divorced actress about her latest movie, suddenly going for the jugular with the question “Did it hurt more that he left you for a younger woman?” [Vanity Fair]

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