News: PETA Talks To Hollywood About Going Veg


In their endless and worthy search to educate the country about animal rights and healthy eating, PETA has offered to rent out the Hollywood sign above the city and place a sign spelling out “Go Veg” alongside the legendary white letters.

“As an animal protection charity, we are unable to afford the $22 million” selling price that a Chicago firm has placed on the 138-acre mountaintop, Lisa Lange, PETA’s senior vice president, wrote the peak’s listing agent, Teles Properties.

“Instead, we are proposing to rent the land from you until it is sold to a permanent buyer.” Teles Properties’ Sarah Blanchard said late Thursday that she had not yet received the rental proposal. However, she said she doubted there would be widespread support for even a temporary alteration of the ridgeline to read “Go Veg Hollywood.”

And Thursday wasn’t the best day to negotiate with PETA in any case, Blanchard said.

“I’m wearing leather pants today,” she explained.[LA Times]

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