On TV: Amy Adams Talks About Her Embarrassing Oscar Red Carpet Interview

by | February 29, 2008 at 12:51 PM | General

Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey

Amy Adams is a bit publicly embarrassed about the treatment she received from a certain unknowledgeable host on the Oscar red carpet on Sunday. She was on the Letterman show last night poking fun of what went down:

As Letterman’s clip gruesomely shows, Rinna not only goofed by congratulating Adams on her Oscar nomination this year (c’mon, even our aunt in Sacramento with no cable knows who was nominated!), but also had no recollection of Amy’s nom two years ago for her role in Junebug. [Defamer]

Watch the red carpet blunder at Fancast and make sure you don’t get too publicly embarrassed. And look! It’s Joey Fatone! Oh, now you definitely have to watch this one.