Fancast Exclusive: Celebrity World Poker Tour Invitational

Fancast attended the 6th Annual World Poker Tour Invitational Kick Off this weekend at the Commerce Casino, and although we didn’t get to play poker (which is fine because we would have completely embarrassed ourselves) we rubbed elbows with and talked to several celebs, all of whom were having a blast. First up, the cocktail hour, where Hollywood stars mingled with each other and traded tips and tricks with their favorite poker stars.


The crowd then headed into the main game room, which quickly turned into a sea of poker tables and blinding cameras. You couldn’t look twice at a table and not notice the star power. Daniel Baldwin, who was out with his wife, told us this was a particularly special night because it was their first night out after the birth of their baby. At another table, Montel Williams and Don Cheadle looked particularly mysterious and in “poker mode,” while in the other side of the room, Matthew Lillard joked around with the players and press around his table. Other players, like Lukas Haas, Jeremy Sisto and Trishelle Cannattella chose to play in peace by hooking up their iPods.

After the initial rounds, we chatted up a few of the stars.


Camryn Manheim on participating in the tournament:
I’m having a great time. Half my friends are here, half my enemies are here, so [laughing] it’s a really good night. I’m sitting at a great table, with a bunch of great players with college kids who are just rockin’ and my friend Antonio is downstairs playing poker. I’m gonna go watch him play in a bit. Learn something. I just love it, I love the World Poker Tour. It’s just an exciting thing to come watch these incredible pros play with people like me.

Camryn on the writer’s strike:
Well there’s nobody in this town who hasn’t been touched by the writer’s strike. It has just been devastating for everybody. I’m on a show, Ghost Whisperer on CBS, we were down for over three months, the whole crew was touched by it. Some people were able to find other jobs, some people weren’t, so I’m worried about our costumes people, our dry cleaning people and our PA’s, and I’m glad they came to an agreement and now we’re back—we went straight back to work. The film industry’s the third largest industry in California and it’s only in one city, so that shows you what a big deal it is to shut down for three and a half months.



Michael Vartan on how he passed the time during the writer’s strike:
Online poker!

Michael on participating in the tournament:
I’m doing well. And, any tournament where you don’t have to put your own money in to participate is a great tournament.

Trishelle Cannattella on the party:
I’m really excited about [tonight]. I’ve been playing poker for about two years now. I won my first tournament, actually, the first tournament I’ve ever won, at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas in December.





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