News: NBC To Keep Friday Night Lights On


Unparalleled Hollywood reporter Nikki Finke of took time from her coverage of the Anthony Pellicano trial to break more news, reporting that NBC will bring back critically acclaimed but ratings challenged Friday Night Lights for a third season. The network struck a partnership deal with DirecTV “so that it would still make financial sense.” “I’m a big fan of the hour-long high school football drama (which is really about horny teens and their hornswoggled parents) so I say hooray,” she continued. “NBC aired the last completed episode of Friday Night Lights on February 8th, but until now there’s been no word on the show’s clouded future. I can report that the third season is saved. I can’t say whether the fans’ campaign to save the show by sending all those mini- footballs to NBC bigwigs worked the magic. But I do know the execs got them. Plus, the NBC suits knew that since the network is airing crap like that remake of Knight Rider (and shame on TV viewers for giving it good ratings), then they needed quality like FNL.”

In the meantime, watch season one (including the pilot) and season two of Friday Night Lights on Fancast for free and on full-screen.

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