Free TV on Fancast: Dirt


Ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes at the tabloids? Dirt gives you full access of the behind the scenes to the behind the scenes! Catch schizophrenic paparazzi, a heterosexual ‘A’ lister who, um, invites a male reporter on a “camping trip”, crotch-o-graphs and mug shots on season 2 preview clips at Fancast.

Lights, Camera, Mug Shot
Celebrity, Blessing? Curse?

Photo Op
Nice Crotch-O-Graph!

Dirt Season 2 is making headlines! Watch now, find out how.

Willa and Farber
Willa they or won’t they? Take a peek at Dirt Season 2.

Dirty Bonds
It’s dirtier than ever. Behind the scenes of Dirt Season 2.

TV’s favorite schizophrenic pap is back, better than ever.

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