Watching TV: Ricky Lake


Ricki Lake has been busy showing off her newly svelte bod lately and has also been super busy with her upcoming projects. Her documentary, The Business of Being Born, about her experience with home birthing, has been garnering amazing interest. The film, coming out on DVD on May 6 through Warner Brothers, is such a hit that she’s writing a book to follow it up, due out in early 2009. She very quickly talked to us about what she’s watching on TV, before she hurried off to finish off winning some dough for charity at the Celebrity World Poker Tournament.

Favorites of all time:
1. The Ricki Lake Show because it made me rich!
2. The Brady Bunch and
3. Little House on the Prairie, while I was growing up.
4. American Idol— God, we love American Idol at my house.
5. Nip/Tuck

Best show I’ve never seen:
I have not gotten into Lost I’m embarrassed to say…because I missed the first season. I’m usually a season behind…like The Sopranos I caught up second season. So that’s what usually happens to me. So I have not gotten into Lost—I want to. I hear House is like unbelievable, and I haven’t seen that.

Best TV show ever:
[She couldn’t answer because they were calling out her name through the loudspeaker!]

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