Fashion in Film: SATC and Shopaholic


Ever wonder about those fabulous clothes on Samantha on Sex and the City, or the more recent pink frilly things that Isla Fisher is wearing on the set of Shopaholic? Well looks like production companies do more than wondering, they get paid mills and mills to use designer duds on fashionable stars.

So the news that Sex and the City will earn Sarah Jessica Parker and its other producers at least a million each in name dropping is annoying and a little bit tacky, but certainly unsurprising. After all, part of Carrie Bradshaw’s adorable appeal is in the way she substitutes clothing labels for love.

But when The New York Times released its piece today on SATC’s internal marketing, they left out something we’d consider pretty crucial:

How much, exactly, are these brands paying to be mentioned by Charlotte or Samantha?

We did a bit of yellow journalism and had a Hollywood source who’s worked on several chick flicks report back to us:

“For that movie, they’re paying quite a bit – probably the same amount they’d pay for a celebrity to come to their fashion show [from $10,000 – $60,000]. But if they needed to cut a deal – like shooting at Fashion Week – then there could be some wrangling, like, you can only shoot in Bryant Park if Samantha drives a Mercedes Benz around town, otherwise, you can’t do a Fashion Week scene.”

And what about for Shopaholic, the latest girls-will-only-get-boyfriends-if-first-they-get-shoes movie?

“Well the interesting thing about that movie is that in the script, all the brand names are done by voice over. That’s the last thing ever done for the movie, the voice overs. So if Isla Fisher is supposed to be talking about Moschino, but that brand won’t cooperate with the movie’s legal or financial demands, they can just change the brand to someone who will before the movie’s released.”

Ah, speculation. So, so fun. [Fashionista]

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