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The last episode of My Fair Brady recently aired, leaving many viewers hungry for all that is Adrianne and Christopher. Adrianne Curry has kept herself super busy after the end of the show with pitching new shows, getting a clothing line off the ground and updating her much talked-about MySpace blog, which has been drawing tremendous traffic from her devoted fans (and is regularly mentioned on media blogs). The response grew nearly exponentially after an episode aired where Adrianne and her best friend Andrea have a candid conversation about an emotional event from their past dealing with rape. We caught up with Adrianne a few days before the season finale and talked about this response from her fans, dealing with crazed Brady Bunch femme-fans, not allowing her kids to become child actors and of course her Knight in shining armor, husband Christopher.

On her typical day
Typical day. Well, lately it hasn’t been very typical. But, typical would be I wake up, I go to the gym, work out…normally shower there. Come home, work online, work out emails, do interviews, sometimes go to work. That’s about it…

On the reaction she received from fans after opening up on the show about a past rape
Oh my god, I turned onto Myspace one day and I had like three and a half thousand friend requests. What the f****? I thought someone spammed the s*** out of me or did something. Opened them up and started looking at them. And you know how you can send the whole comments with your friend requests. And I had a ca-jillion little comments all basically saying the same thing…it was all rape and molestation survivors. It was just overwhelming…just how many people there were and how amazing it felt. I don’t know it’s a lonely thing to suffer, and when you realize it’s not. And, you start to talk about it…that there’s so many people that suffered the same thing…I just found it absolutely beautiful. So many women were able to reach out and so many women were crediting me for being able to start dealing with it. Like I’d never told anyone until today because I saw your show…and it’s like oh god…it’s a blessing and a burden at the same time. Because I realized that I really have got to change myself…but I’ve been going through a self-discovery phase. If I want to be a role model to women then I’ve got to knock off all behaviors that I know are directly from it…running around naked and being overtly sexual…I know it all stems from my trauma in my past. I always wonder if that s*** didn’t happen to me…what kind of person would I be? Would I be who I am today…probably not.


Was that conversation planned or spur of the moment?
No, in fact when Andrea and I get together all we do is talk. So we kind of forgot we were being filmed and I remember when were driving home in the car being filmed…we kind of looked at each other and just started turning white. And, we’re like we did not just say those things on camera. Then we talked to the producers because she started to get nervous and I don’t blame her…and then I started to get nervous. We just wanted to make sure it wasn’t spread the wrong way, and we were assured it wouldn’t be. I don’t watch my show but after the surge of friend requests I was curious and curiosity killed the cat. I actually tuned on one of the 800 days a year they play the same show. I watched it and I was really happy. They cut out a lot of stuff, but which people don’t need to know details or anything. I think they did a good job with not butchering with what was said. That was what I was most scared of; I didn’t want anything to be twisted. I don’t know why I didn’t trust my producers to not do that to me because they are good people. I mean (that stuff)…it’s not a joke.

On what has happened since the taping of the show
…The show was filmed about a year ago so this is kind of old news. But, I’m still…I’ve been going into counseling once a week. I go in for a half hour. My husband goes in for a half hour alone, and then we do twenty minutes together. It used to be just couples counseling, but now we’re focusing more on individual…cause that will help us as a couple. But, I didn’t really start working on what I needed to work on until January. I started talking about it when we were filming my show. It just bubbled up to me I realized that I need to fix this because if I don’t…if I keep shutting it deep down inside…because then I’m going to have this anger and resentment deep inside me…that’s going to make me this bitter person. So I’ve been working on it…very hard. We recently took like a month break from the […] and it felt so good. The public can be relentless because they forget you’re a human being. And, with politics people are saying terrible things about all these politicians and it’s like even if I don’t like them…they’re human beings. It doesn’t matter how callous you are…it still hurts. Like can you imagine being George Bush? He must be so miserable. It looks like he’s aged like 800 years…I don’t think he’s dumb…I think he’s a terrible speaker. I think he’s actually smart…he’s just a terrible speaker.

On the fact that she doesn’t just add everyone on MySpace
About a year and a half ago [she signed up]. I didn’t start getting like attention like I am now until like maybe…nine months ago. I don’t know what the hell is going on. It’s funny because when people add request me. People would think I just add anybody, and I don’t. Like if I see a profile and I’m like what is this…and if it says like mood horny…and all these butt-chicks at the top…I’m like f*** you. No, I’m not adding you to my friends. It’s nice…not to have a bunch of disgusting guys saying disgusting things to me.

How her hubby, Christopher Knight, feels about her candidness on the show:
At first, he wasn’t comfortable. Now, I think he’s more comfortable than I am only because I’ve lived my entire adult life on TV. The world watched me and still kind of my adolescence as still 20 on Top Model. They watched me win that show…people basically watched me kind of grow up or grow side-ways…whatever the hell you want to call it. And, Chris already found himself in his 20’s and was very established…he was more comfortable with it. Sticks and stones are true in his case that you know when you’re younger words can really hurt. And, I’m a little not so much into it as much as he is now…it’s so surprising…it’s like complete role reversal. But, I think he agrees with a lot of people that it’s helpful to a lot of people. Everyone likes to sit there and wind their fingers at us and say, “oh look how f*** up you are”…and the truth is most people are that f*** up behind closed doors and they want to sit there and pretend they’re not. …And, we realize just that we’ll go to the bar and we see a couple f***ing fighting in public. And, we’ve all seen that…we’ve all seen couples brawling in public only no where near as bad as Chris and I. I’ve seen couples get physical in public where I’ve felt that I had to like say something against my better judgment.

On what we don’t see on the show:
We had a lot more normal days than not. We are a lot sweeter to each other than the public probably sees because that doesn’t make for a good season in my interpretation…there’s no sense drama in there. No one gives a crap if we sit there all day on the couch like hugging and loving each other. I wouldn’t watch a show like that…I’m like this is boring. I know it’s sad, but I would. So we’re a lot more normal than people think.


On the taping schedule of the show
Everyone thinks there’s cameras on us everyday all the day…there isn’t. We’ve been together now almost three years and we’ll be married for two years this May. And, we’ve only filmed out of the three years being together maybe like three months. So it’s not like this huge invasion of our married life. People are like, “when are you going to get off TV and live your life?” It’s just like we’ve been…where’ve you been? Not here…

On the intense nature of being on a reality show 24/7

Oh man, it’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They don’t go away. They know it’s a pressure cooker, they know they’re going to get a damn good show out of that because you start getting pretty irritable. “Get the f*** out of my face…” It’s intense. It sounds so weird, but these people have been a part of my life since I was on the Surreal Life in 2005. They watched me fall in love. They watched me get engaged. They watched me get married. They watched me get my boobs done…though I wouldn’t let them watch me watch me…get my boobs done. I was like you guys must know you are invited the f*** out of here once I pass out, right? And, they’re like yeah…my husband stayed there and made sure they left. But, I have some weird connection with them…when we’re not filming they’re like family and when we’re filming they’re like our enemy…they’re like the Nazis when we’re in a trench. The producers mainly when we’re not filming I would consider them friends off-camera. The camera people like the silent people walking around in my big life moments…that must be so weird for them. It must be so strange. I really enjoyed it like at our wedding they did such a good job. I basically told them look this is my wedding…I don’t want my family to feel like we’re filming a TV show. I don’t want you people up in my f***ing face. I don’t want you blocking the aisle while I’m trying to look at my husband while I walk down it. Like you guys got to get the hell out of the way…and they really did!

On the sexiest thing she’s done for Chrisopher and vice versa:

I don’t know…that was sexy when he actually let me adopt a cat. He’s so anti-animal. We had Sergeant Pepper, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and we recently adopted his sister…but I’m not sure if it’s working…Eleanor Rigby….That was probably one of the most sexy things he’s ever done…he knew I moved out here. I miss my family so much, and it’s really hard for me not to want to run back to Illinois screaming like a banshee wanting to see my family because my family even the extended family feels like an immediate family… He probably would say this was the most romantic thing I did. He came home one day, and I had all the stairs outside lit up as candles…and I had all the candles leading to like our bathtub for a bubble bath. And, we he first stepped in the door he was positive that there was a camera crew in there because it was a setup so I guess perfect that he didn’t believe that I could do it. So he comes home…and I’m expecting him to follow this like little path and I’m all excited and I hear, “where are they, where are they?” Anyway that was probably the most romantic thing I’ve done for him.

Has she had any run-ins with crazy Brady Brunch fans?

Yeah…any fan of the Brady Bunch who is older than a child can be a little crazy. Well, you know…it’s a kid’s show. If I was like Barney man! Or Power Rangers, it would be like…relax Adrianne…you’re 25 years old! But, that’s kind of how it is…people feel like they know him. They come up to him and they’re like, “oh I know you from high school or something…we went to school with each other…” It’s funny that they do that or like when people yell at me and they’re like “I told him he’s Donny Osmond…he says he’s not…and I know he is!”

On Christopher being the focus of, ahem, older lady crushes
You know it’s funny…I’ve been in Playboy and all this stuff and you would expect the guys to be kind of disgusting and not have any respect….and they totally do. They have total respect for the fact that I’m married. They have total respect for the fact that Chris is around they’re not going to come up to me and tell me how beautiful I am. Women…no, they could give a crap or less if I exist. They will come up to my husband and bust in on a romantic moment in a restaurant for a picture to tell him how much they love him and how hot he is. It’s like, dude…do you see us holding hands or having a romantic moment before you walked up…or no? I’m like Jesus Christ!

How she deals with it
I just hike an eyebrow…I’m really good at it. I can really hike an eyebrow. No, I don’t know. Sometimes I get really annoyed it depends on what they do. They’re have been times chicks have been like “can I sit on your husband’s lap…is it okay if I kiss him in a picture?” I’m like, “ohhh yeahh it’s totally cool if he makes out with other women as long as it’s a picture!” That sucks…dude they don’t’ care. It makes me sad because I would have thought women would have more respect and they just don’t. It makes me sad to be a woman…I’m like God…

Would she consider doing more reality shows?
Maybe…I don’t know. I’ve been wondering if I’ve been played out on this. If I’m just tired like I ask myself questions a lot like do I want to live a normal life now? What is normal? If I’m not watching the show is it really affecting me? I don’t really know how to explain it. I have found that in my month’s break from blogging and doing interviews and stuff…that if you don’t involve yourself if you don’t allow people to ask you these really dated questions: does it really bother you to be so exposed on TV? And, the answer would be no. I didn’t even realized the season even really existed until people are like once in a while, “oh your show’s almost over!” I’m like, “oh yeah it’s on…totally forgot!”


Where she sees herself in 10 years
Probably a lot more mature. I’ll be 35…definitely a mom. Gosh, I don’t know. I’m going to start taking some online college courses soon just general because I don’t exactly what it is I want to do. I think I might get into something like counseling because we can all give great advice…we don’t take it but we can all give it. I’ve definitely lived some life so I know that I could probably be a counselor who specializes in stuff like molestation and rape. I see myself as a mom obviously still married…a little more educated than now.

On how many kids she’d like
Ideally two…a boy and a girl. You know, I’m going to get two boys just because I said that. Only because growing up that’s what I had my mom had me and then my brother Nick…I have another brother Shane, but he didn’t live with us. He’d only come over when my dad had visitation and stuff like that. He’s much older than me. He’s like 34 right now. We never felt like a bigger connection because when I’m like a little kid he’s like in his teens. I’d love to have a boy and a girl.

On whether she would let her kids act
They would have to be either 18 and outside of my house or…outside of my house. No there’s going to be no child actors in our house. We know that’s not a good thing to do to kids.

On what she would do if her daughter wanted to pose for Playboy
I would be fine with that. I would hope she would be 21 and older. I…myself…didn’t believe in any full nudity even when I was younger until I was an adult. I don’t consider 18 an adult just because you can buy a cigarette and Playboy (no offense, Heff!). But, 21 and older I would say…hey this is your life.

Are you having fun, Adrianne?
I’m having fun. I’m definitely having fun…always having fun. Like I said before, the only thing that stifles my fun here and there is getting homesick. I shake it by either going and visiting or finding something else to get my mind off of it here. But, I try to visit as much as I can. I’m definitely having a good time. I wouldn’t have done anything I’ve been doing if it wasn’t a good time.

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