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Greek is a funny little comedy that you’ll probably find all too familiar if your vague recollections from college include Rush Week or that upside down keg stand. The show is back tonight at 8pm on the the ABC Family Channel. We got a chance to talk with Spencer Grammer, or Casey, as she is more commonly known. Interesting tidbit: Did you know she’s Kelsey Grammer’s daughter?

If you were seventeen/eighteen and in college, would you join a sorority?
Yes, I think is the answer I’d say. Cause being on the show has showed me it could be a lot of fun. I don’t know if I’d stay…if I didn’t like it I’d probably leave. But I’d probably rush and see what it’s like because you have to try everything once. I mean if you’re not adventurous you’re not really living I think…especially in college.

Have you had any past experiences with fraternities or sororities?
I once went to a fraternity house when I was in high school…you know you would rent them during the summer for really cheap and students are in there. So I met some people who rented a room. I just remember it being very dirty. And, I was like…can we go? I’m going to leave now…and I have some friends who were in sororities and fraternities when they went to college. I was looking at some pictures of my friend’s pledge class…when she was kidnapped and her little basket…like all the cool stuff that they do. It’s really a fun kind of thing.

How did you prepare for your role?
I really think whether you’re in a sorority or a fraternity doesn’t make me a different person. So I kind of just looked at the character and put myself into her shoes and did what I would have done. Some things are different obviously. I like to think Casey is kind of like my extremely happy, hyper version of myself. When I’m really excited about something I’m acting like Casey most of the time, but I’m not excited all the time…that’s kind of my Casey version. She does some bad things and good things and some things that you don’t normally see sorority girls doing …not all of them obviously. So I just try to find truth and be truthful…and honest about humanity I guess.

Do you get approached by college students in the Greek system?
I met two girls in a sorority and they were like, “We love your show…it’s so awesome…yay! It’s so great!” And it was really exciting…I think there are some people who really really like the show. I think whether you were in a sorority or fraternity…or you weren’t…you might want to have been in one so you watch the show for that. I think we have a really fun time with that. But, yeah there’s just been a lot of positive feedback. I’ve heard rumors that there are actually sororities that have nights…like Monday nights they all watch it together. I’ve just heard…word-of-mouth…like I knew this guy who did a photo shoot and it was on in the background. I want everyone to like the show; I don’t want anyone to take offense to it.

You really launched the career of the Plain White T’s. Any plans for new bands to join you in the next season?
Not in the first eight except for the Plain White T’s, but we’re shooting some more episodes and there might be some different bands then. I think it just adds such a colorful thing to the show, and, of course, we’re going to do more of that…it’s just that there was like the strike and you know. So we’re all back and it should be awesome. I’m very excited.

What aspects of the show do you think are closest to reality and also what are the least closest?
That’s hard to say…I mean it’s all real. No, I would say that the character Paul James plays, Calvin, who’s the gay character in Omega Chi…I think dealing with issues like that and how people deal with it. People who don’t take offense to that or people who are accepting of your sexuality…those are real issues I think that we deal with. I think also in the first season, Evan cheating on Casey in the pilot episode…I think that’s something…that a lot of people cheat…I mean not everyone I’d like to think that less people cheat then do cheat. But, it happens and…dealing with that…how do you deal with that? Do you stay with somebody? Do you break up with them? I think that’s a real issue too and I think that Casey did the right choice for herself. It might not be the right choice for somebody else. Those are a few real issues. And, the brother sister…you fight. You’re in love with somebody else and you can’t be with them…and that’s real! I think there’s a lot of reality in our show.

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