Celebrity Poll: Who’s Hotter in HDTV: Halle Berry or Jessica Alba?

Today MessageDance.com wonders who’s hotter in HDTV: Halle Berry or Jessica Alba?

Okay, who looks the hottest in high-def? Jessica Alba or Halle Berry?
In the finals of the Front Projection division of HDTV Hottie Hysteria — our first annual elimination tournament to determine the hottest female star in high-def — we pit Alba (top seed in the division) against Berry (sixth seed).
Jessica defeated Christina Aguilera and Penelope Cruz to get to the finals while Halle beat Heidi Klum and Beyonce Knowles to advance.

Why not let Fancast help in your decision? Catch Halle and Jessica clips below:


Perfect Stranger Clip
Boomerang Trailer
Swordfish Clip
X Men United Trailer
ENTIRE Movie: Bullworth

Meet Bill Trailer
The Love Guru Trailer
The Ten Trailer
Good luck Chuck Trailer
Fantastic 4 Trailer

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