Watching TV With Adrianne Curry


Fancast talked to Adrianne Curry recently about life, love and the state of her blog. But what’s Adrianne watching on TV when she’s not at photo shoots, blogging or raising funds for charity?

Favorites of all time:

1. MTV’s The State–it was the most hilarious show I have ever seen in my life. They only did one season and they sent it to NBC and no one watched it so they canceled them. The old producer he used to produce Top Model when I was on it. I lived with him briefly in New York City. He has like the plaque from the opening credits
2. Dr. Phil–I can’t stop watching Dr. Phil. My grandma watches Dr. Phil all the time. I used to not like Dr. Phil. But, now that I can’t see my grandma everyday I’ll watch Dr. Phil everyday knowing that in some retarded way I’m connected with her and it feels good
3. Rock of Love–It’s the sh***est show on earth. I’ve got to watch it. I don’t know what it is…it’s like walking in a trailer park and I just love it. I feel like I can go to some like biker bar back home and find half those chicks in there…maybe 40 years older, but still.
4. Celebrity Rehab–It’s weird. I agreed to do the Surreal Life because I loved VH1 shows and I loved the Surreal Life. And, Dr. Drew is the most attractive amazing man that has ever lived. You cannot watch the show and not think that. He’s just so smart, caring, and charismatic and just never wrong…he’s happily married. He’s got beautiful kids. He’s the perfect man, and no perfect man is going to be single. And, I always told myself that and when I met Chris…yeah he’s older and he seems perfect, but you know he ain’t! Because he’s been f*** divorced twice…and boy did I learn my lesson because he’s not…
5. Boston Legal–I love William Shatner and James Spader.

Best show she’s never seen:
I’ve never ever watched Lost. Everyone talks about Lost. Why? Because I just don’t have the time. Weeds is another one…everyone’s like dude you have to watch Weeds, you’d love it! I don’t think I have the channel…so I’ve never watched Weeds.

Best TV Show Ever:
Boston Legal. I think it’s witty, it’s intelligent…it’s really sexual, which makes it sexy. And, it’s just f***ing wrong…like the whole thing. Everything about it, you would never believe it because it could never happen. But, the characters are so lovable and so great. It’s just my favorite TV show on earth, I love it.

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