News: Kat Von D and Nikki Sixx Are Dating


Kat Von D has set the record straight about her relationship with Nikki Sixx, and the controversy surrounding the fact that on current episodes of LA Ink she is currently dating a co-worker. Turns out the rumors are true: the tattooed beauty and the famous rocker are, in fact, happily dating; and don’t they make a perfect couple!

With that said, I apologize for the mass confusion that the end of my relationship with Orbi has caused. We broke up a while ago, and definitely before Nikki and I started dating. I know it’s hard to understand these things when the episodes that have been airing recently, have scenes with Orbi and I, before we mutually decided best for us to part as a couple.

The rumors that come with the decision to have my life documented on television are totally expected, and all I can do is treat them as just that.. rumors. I know that my true friends and fans all know what I’m about, and for those who choose to feed into the gossip, well… thats just their choice, but thats not gonna put a dent in my happiness, thats for sure!

BOTTOM LINE… Break ups are rarely an easy thing to go through. From what I’ve personally gone through, people always end up getting hurt. Whether their egos are hurt, or their heart – it’s never a pleasant feeling, and all you can do is send them off into the world with LOVE, and hope that they’ll eventually come to the conclusion that things happen for a reason, and will most likely open a totally positive new chapter in life.

So, as “non-juicy” as this blog may be, that’s it. Nikki’s been my friend before I met Orbi, remained that way during our relationship, and didn’t unexpectedly turn into something more, until after Orbi and I had already split.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, this I know – but without sounding like an asshole, some people need to chill the fuck out and learn to be happy for others! No point in exhausting yourself with all that bad energy..

ON THAT NOTE! I am truly happy with Nikki, and the feeling’s mutual.. Nothing feels more amazing then making a connection so deep with someone who understands you, inspires you, supports you, and truly loves you AND what you do.

Again, I wanna thank everyone who wished me a great birthday… I must admit, this was the best birthday I’ve had yet!! [Kat on MySpace]

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