Diablo Cody’s Mama is Funny

Diablo Cody

Diablo Cody is adorable and now we know that so is her mom! Honest to blog! Postcards From Yo Mama is a funny little website where you can submit your mom’s most adorable and funny emails. So Diablo being the publicly open person that she is, sent in one her mom’s most endearing emails:

Your blob is very funny and clever

Hi Honey: Hope all is going well and you are not to stressed! Please take care and don’t let all the traveling get to you. And Awards!! like OMG

[Redacted] was on the Today Show today and talked about how wonderful the script was and how intelligent and nice you are. I hope you enjoy Minnesota, how about the weather it must be a shock to you after all the warm weather in LA. Where do you go after Minnesota?

I hope home for a few days so you can rest. (Do you notice I answer my own questions) !
I read the blog today and loved the article from the New Yorker, your blob is very funny and clever you have so much fun with it no wonder everyone Love’s it. We are all well and looking forward to seeing again soon. The cat’s are having a lot fun with this very large box, Larry has been in it and just looks out at you …he is very..well you know …crazy?

Have a great day and remember we are thinking of you

Love Mom [Postcards from Your Mama via BWE]

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