On Fancast: Today’s Highlights



Dirt: The Ties That (Don’t) Bind – As Willa and Farber score big unearthing the dirty secrets of a hit television show, Lucy is busy rekindling a romance with a powerful studio executive.

Chuck: Chuck Versus The Imported Hard Salami– It’s just been renewed for a sophomore season, in the meantime catch up with the double-life-leading computer geek; as Chuck tries to balance a new relationship with Lou and his obligations, the agents intercept a rather unexpected, and unsavory (see: episode title), shipment.

Hawaii Five-0: Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember – When an Indonesian girl is found murdered, a large footprint in the mud leave the Five-0 squad to her American boyfriend and a mentally challenged man, neither of whom appears to be telling the truth.



Titan A.E. – Combining 2-D and 3-D animation in interesting ways, Titan A.E. tells the story of Cale (Matt Damon), one of the last surviving humans After Earth, who are all generally treated like sub-standard creatures and forced to trudge through their doomed lives as menial laborers. Until he discovers the secret of the Titan, a massive craft his father and many others used to flee Earth before its destruction, and has to quest across the galaxy to fulfill his destiny. It also features the voices of Drew Barrymore as a pilot named Akima, Bill Pullman as Captain Joseph Korso, Janeane Garofalo as a hard-as-nails alien weapons expert named Stith, John Leguizamo as a kooky green scientist named Gune and Nathan Lane as wisecracking rat-thing Preed.


Shine A Light – Martin Scorsese directs a documentary film following The Rolling Stones during two concerts on their 2006 A Bigger Bang tour.

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