Interview: Elizabeth Berkley


Newsweek catches up with our favorite showgirl–err Saved by the Bell alum about her new role in Step It Up and Dance

What’s your favorite dance movie?
I love the old ones. Fred Astaire. Ginger Rogers.

What about “Flashdance”?

I don’t know a girl who doesn’t love it. If a girl didn’t love it, I don’t know if I could be friends with her.

I hadn’t seen “Showgirls” until last night.

I fell asleep in the middle.
I don’t know what it says about you. I’ve heard it all, but I hadn’t heard that one.

I saw on that you’re working on another movie.

Actually, I’m not in that. My publicist called to have them take it off because we don’t even know what it was. There are so many things on IMDB that are so wrong. They had me having a different name, also known as Elizabeth Brown. I’ve never been that name. There’s something on there that says I was on a flight, and a guy was watching “Showgirls” next to me. Where would they have “Showgirls” on a plane’s movie selection?

I thought maybe it was the censored version.
That would be a five-minute film.

So you didn’t audition for Jennifer Aniston’s part on “Friends” either?
That’s definitely not true. I was on “Saved by the Bell” when she first auditioned for that. I’m not even the right age group. They make me older on IMDB. It’s really annoying.

How old are you?

Thirty-three. They make me 35. Ask my mom. I have no reason to lie.

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