Bret McKenzie As Lauren Conrad’s Love Interest?


Last night I was sitting at a quaint little French restaurant in Hollywood for dinner at eight. As I casually glanced up from my very messy plate of seared Tuna, I happened to catch a glimpse of a very handsome man with messy black hair and an indie mustache sitting at the table across from me. I froze and I clutched my BlackBerry, because I recognized this smoldering hipster. It was none other than Matthias Cadéac D’Arbaud, Lauren Conrad’s main French squeeze from the time she visited Paris. Remember? He was in the band Rock and Roll, and the controversy was that their rendezvous may have been set up by his record label and the producers of MTV.

I tried to look as dignified as possible without looking as star struck as I felt, and I peered closer at him. And then I thought, wait, is this Lauren’s Matthias from The Hills, or is it Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords? And what was either of them doing in Hollywood? Shouldn’t they be, like, in France, or New Zealand, playing gigs, entertaining American girls on vacation, or struggling to keep their number one fan happy?

Either way, what dawned on me after this momentous occasion was just how much Matthias Cadéac D’Arbaud and Bret McKenzie really look alike. Check out their photos and video clips after the jump and you make the call. Oh, and I never really found out who exactly was sitting at that quaint little French restaurant last night in Hollywood.

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