News: Jessica Simpson Poses As Virna Lisi For Esquire


Jessica Simpson is taking a page from Lindsay Lohan’s Marilyn Monroe-based publicity stunt and is recreating a Virna Lisi photo shoot for Esquire magazine. Simpson looks suspiciously like Marilyn Monroe in the shot; so would that would make this spread a Jessica Simpson-as-Virna Lisi-as-Marilyn Monroe-who was imitated by-Lohan cover?

The songbird re-creates a famous March 1965 cover image of Italian actress Virna Lisi (looking almost identical to Marilyn Monroe) taking a razor to shaving cream on her jaw.

But the original was intended by legendary Esquire designer George Lois as a provocation to women’s lib.

He told a 2005 magazine conference: “I spoofed the upcoming woman’s movement by slapping shaving cream on the beautiful blond Italian actress Virna Lisi [because] no American beauty had the [bleeps] to pose for it.”

Until now!

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