On Fancast: Today’s Highlights



CSI: NY: DOA For A Day – In the latest episode of this hit show an anonymous tip leads the team to an abandoned warehouse, where they hope to find a ruthless female murder suspect.

Three Sheets: Taipei – Getting drunk on beer is for college kids, it’s getting drunk on snakes blood that truly separates the men from the boys.

Jerry Springer: Women On The Edge – Colleen catches her husband washing dishes in women’s lingerie. That’s the least of her problems.


Planet Of The Apes – The late Charlton Heston was the star of the original film, and he returned in a vastly different role in Tim Burton’s “reimagining” of the seminal piece of science-fiction, playing an elder ape preaching hatred for humanity and spurring Tim Roth’s villainous Thade to further antagonism. Mark Wahlberg steps into the original Heston role as an astronaut stranded on a strange alternate world where apes have dominion and humans are treated as slave labor. With the help of Helena Bonham Carter’s sympathetic liberal ape Ari, there’s an eventual escape with high drama and adventure. But really, guys like Michael Clarke Duncan and Paul Giamatti in ape makeup running around causing havoc is awesome, no matter how you think this film stacks up to the original.


Iron Man – Robert Downey Jr. stars as Tony Stark, the billionaire philanthropist who develops an evil-fighting robotic suit in this upcoming action flick.

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