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The Ghost Whisperer is super hot right now, with a new episode having sprung up from its spooky coffin last week (did you watch?). We recently talked to Camryn Manheim, who plays Delia Banks, the motherly guru to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character. She let us in on what she’s watching on TV:

All Time Favorite TV Series:
1. Damages: It believes that the viewer is smart. They can take us on a multi-level layered ride and we will go along with them.
2. Mad Men: One of my favorites because it is absolutely true to the time, to Madison Avenue in the 50’s and 60’s. It’s just unbelievably interesting. A lesson in history, to see how far we’ve come, especially women.
3. The Debates: I’ve been fascinated by them.
4. Daily Show With John Stewart and
5. The Colbert Report: These are shows I come back to night after night without fail. It’s where I get my news!

Best Series Never Seen:
The Sopranos: Not because I don’t think it’s an amazing show, I imagine it really was. Somehow I didn’t get into it right away, and then you feel like you lost the momentum. But one of these days I’ll get the whole DVD package and I’ll watch it from start to finish.

Most under-rated show:

It’s embarrassing to admit but the World Poker Tour! And I’m not just saying that because I’m here right now and I’m wearing this! I watch it every night. It is the best drama on television. Lives are fallen and changed in a moment. It’s fantastic drama, makes you think. I’m a freaky poker geek, what can I say. That’s why I’m here!

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