News: Craig Ferguson Beats Conan


Irish-descendant Conan O’Brien beat in a ratings battle by a Scottsman? Aye.

Recently sworn-in U.S. citizen Craig Ferguson is being embraced by his new countrymen: The late-night comic hit a ratings milestone last week with his first victory over NBC’s Conan O’Brien.

The CBS “Late Late Show” averaged more viewers than O’Brien’s “Late Night” (1.88 million to 1.77 million) for the first week during which they each competed with all-original shows since Ferguson started in January 2005.

It caps a slow and steady climb for Ferguson and raises a red flag for future “Tonight” show host O’Brien, although NBC says it is still happy with O’Brien’s audience. [The Associated Press]

The ratings news raises another question though, who would win in a battle of the best individual sketches? You be the judge in Fancast’s O’Brien vs. Ferguson video cage match:

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