WebHash: 30 Rock And The Office

WebHash is a survey of opinions from around the blogosphere on a particular show or subject, in this case, last night’s all new episodes [click to watch them on Fancast] of 30 Rock and The Office. Here’s what’s buzzing on the web:



Entertainment Weekly: Leave it to Fey & Co. to cherry-pick a throwaway joke — MILF Island — from last fall’s premiere (the Jerry Seinfeld episode) and build an entire show around it. Twenty MILFs, 50 eighth-grade boys, ”Erection Cove,” bursting implants. What’s not to like?

The AV Club: For a show as hyper-verbal and dense as 30 Rock “Grade A moron” seemed like a disappointingly pedestrian insult.

The TV Addict: The ending with Jack knowing all along that Liz was responsible was ridiculously predictable. And the Pete subplot, seriously!?! Getting his hand stuck in the snack machine was funnier on THE SIMPSONS and SCRUBS five years ago.



New York Magazine: There was just so much yelling. The episode tried to skirt that line between tragedy and mild discomfort but kept crossing it. At certain points, it felt like you were watching a couple’s-therapy session that desperately needed a therapist … or, more accurately, a ringside cut man.

TV Guide: On the one hand it’s a hilarious, brutally awkward look at the relationship (and apartment) from hell, a train wreck that you just can’t keep from staring at. But it’s also a study of four couples: one hideously dysfunctional (Michael and Jan), one loving (Jim and Pam), one mismatched (Angela and Andy), and one, ahem, “purely carnal” (Dwight and babysitter).

Buzzsugar: I suspected Dwight would show up with a date, but I didn’t expect it to be the “sometimes I question your commitment to Sparkle Motion” woman from Donnie Darko . . . playing his babysitter. Also, how fantastic that they brought their own containers full of beet salad.

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