Fancast Interview: Daisy De La Hoya from Rock of Love 2


Rock of Love 2 aired last night and, although Ambre Lake was crowned the reigning rock queen of the show, breakout star Daisy is a force to be reckoned with. We talked to the ingenue as she was arriving at her home in Denver from a long flight across the nation. She chatted with us about Tina Fey mocking her on SNL, on the fact that, yes, she really is related to boxer Oscar De La Hoya, and on how she would feel about Rock of Love 3: The Daisy Edition. Oh and did we tell you she’s writing a tell-all book about her time on the show? Sign us up!

Can you tell me about the family connection you have with Oscar De La Hoya?

I had a really rough childhood. I never knew my dad until I was about 12. So i had no clue I was even related to this person. As far as not talking to my dad, that’s something I couldn’t control. I’m okay with that though. I didn’t really know him, but when i was 17 I was just like “I don’t want you in my life” and I parted ways with my mom when I was 20. Then, because of the show that side of the family contacted me. My aunt, who’s actually 26, contacted me, she’s Oscar’s sister. She contacted me and said she was a big fan of the show. This whole thing was amazing. I got in contact with my dad, so I’m trying to have them know that I’m there, but as far as a real relationship I’m not really sure. At this point, I’m trying to focus on my career. I will be attending Oscar’s fight on May 3rd, it will be kind of like a family reunion.

Whose posters were on your wall while you were growing up?
When I was younger I’d go to the store and buy these magazines called Metal Edge and Hit Parader and–well sometimes I’d steal them because I couldn’t afford to buy then since I was a little kid–but I had a whole wall plastered with Mötley Crüe, Poison, Ozzy, like every single band ever, and then I’d have the occasional Teen Bop with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, but mainly rockstars.

Tell me some shocking things that viewers don’t know about you
I’m really into reading and I journal a lot. I love writing my feelings down. My favorite books, like the book that’s inspired me the most was Dirt, by Mötley Crüe. I really like Jenna Jameson. I really like a lot of autobiographies. I love to hear about the successes of people; how they went through a really hard experience and ultimately gained success. I love Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf.

Name a celebrity you think would make an ideal boyfriend for you
I like Johnny Depp a lot. He’d be my ideal boyfriend. I think we probably have a lot in common, because he’s sort of edgy and different, very sexy.


What’s the sexiest or most romantic thing Brett did for you during the show?
One of the most touching and special things he did sort of happened on accident. On this last episode we’re on a boat. But I have motion sickness so I can’t be on boats and it was the first time I’d really been on a boat, so I got extremely sick and he totally took care of me like holding me and putting ice on me. Also, when we were on a date and he pops out this box and a necklace, it was over in Mexico, but I was blown away. I almost didn’t wanna accept it. We were on the beach and everything.

What was the meanest thing any of the girls did to you on the show?
They all ganged up at once. Heather threw a drink on me, then Destiney threw a drink on me, all on the same night. That was really not a good experience for me. The meanest thing anyone did to me, you’ll have to see in the reunion, it comes up in the reunion. Also, using things in my life that I have no control of, past situations against me I just thought was really unfair. I can’t control the way my life has gone. The things that I did before I knew Brett, if I ever knew I was gonna be on the show, maybe I would have done things differently in my life.

On the meanest thing she did on the show:
Something I did in good fun, there was a point when me and Destiney had found a picture of Kristy Joe just randomly, I swear I think just purposely planted there. We had heard a rumor about something, we found the picture and we proceeded to put ranch dressing on her face to sort of, uh, recreate what we heard. We put it on the fridge and wrote “Kristy Cream” on it. That was pretty mean, but it wasn’t mean, it was just funny, that’s what I was going for, laughs. I know it wasn’t fun to Kristy Joe, but it wasn’t like we were trying to beat her up.

Who did you not get along with in the house?
There’s one girl in particular that I have an issue with in the house in this season. But we were all like sisters, we could all make fun of each other. The one girl I had an extreme issue with on the show, I won’t say, I think it’s pretty obvious; but it wasn’t Kristy Joe. There’s another girl I will tell you about: Heather, who came back. She did some things that were really inappropriate and I thought it was just really sad because I actually was a fan of hers. I don’t know what I did to her, but apparently I did something to her in some way.

What’s up with those pictures that bloggers stole from your MySpace page? (photos that show her with a bottle of whiskey and mock drugs)
People really pick on me in the blogging area. I think it’s so stupid. I’m rock and roll and that picture is nothing more than a re-creation of me being the rock and roll bad girl. I loved it, I loved the shoot and I’m not making any excuses for it, and if people don’t like it then that’s too bad. I’m sure that’s not the craziest photo I’ll do, so if you’re shocked by that, then I’m sure there’ll be plenty more I’ll be able to shock you with.

What would you say to these bloggers if you could go face to face with them?
I would say it’s really sad that people want to spend their energy making comments about people, when they could be doing something positive in the world or for themselves. It’s really more important for people to better themselves instead of focusing on me. I’m trying to do what I want with my life. It’s lame and it hurts. Somethings hurt my feelings, but at the same time their negative energy helps me be a better person.

Did you watch that SNL skit of Rock of Love 2?
I was just blown away. SNL, I love that show. There’s been so many amazing comedians and talent on that show. You know you’ve really made it when you’ve hosted SNL or you’re being made fun of. To me that was sort of like, I was honored. Tina Fey had my tattoos and everything.


What’s Brett like behind the scenes?
There were only a couple behind-the-scenes moments. He’s really cool, he’s funny. It’s really hard to get to know someone in that situation. There’s cameras and sometimes I felt like he had a guard up, a wall up. That made it hard. I’m trying to be vulnerable. But he’s a great awesome person, he’s funny.

Describe a kiss from Brett

[giggles] Very sensual, very passionate, that’s one thing I love about Brett, he’s very passionate. Soft and tender.

Do you think you were represented well on the show?
At times I was represented well. I’m misunderstood and that makes me upset. I think a lot of people want to see me as just, ‘oh you’re a dumb blonde, dumb Barbie doll’ and that’s fine if you wanna think that, but the truth is there’s way more to me than what’s on the show. I’m a passionate, loving, caring person, I love to have fun. I love to learn, I love knowledge, seeking out information. But the fact that people think I’m dumb? Sometimes I may have had a difficult time articulating my thoughts because I have so much going on at once, it’s hard for me to get them all out. Others think I’m fake. I’m over the top, I’m crazy, everything I do I do it to the extreme and everything I felt on the show was 100% real.

Would you ever do another reality show, like maybe “Rock of Love 3: The Daisy Edition?”
Absolutely. I think that would be so much fun. I don’t know what they would do but that would be one of the funnest things ever. I do have other TV projects in the works. I’ll talk to you about that when I find out more. I have to continue, I really liked doing this experience. It was a life-changing experience. I don’t necessarily promote people going on reality shows and finding love but I think if you can do that then that’s great. Love is found in different ways in different places.

What’s the funniest thing on the show that viewer’s didn’t see?
There’s this one moment, I think you can see it online, but it was really embarrassing. It was after an elimination. It must have been down to the final four, but what happened was I was really drunk at the elimination, and afterwards I walked down the steps to toast to Brett’s Brew, and I fell flat on my face. That was really embarrassing.

Where did you get that cute pink dress you wore to elimination when Destiney was eliminated?
I got that at Forever 21! They have the best outfits. That’s why I want to do my own personal fashion line. A lot of people comment about my style. I’m very excited about that.

Do you still keep in touch with any of the girls?
Me and Megan will be doing some appearances; one in May 2nd in California, some in Philly and New York. I really love Megan, she was the girl that was misunderstood. She was a funny and sweet girl. We were on that show to make a connection with Brett, but at the same time we were all hams. So we were funny, sarcastic. I’m pretty good friends with Jessica. I actually talk to Angelique, Katherine. Me and Destiney had a falling out but at some point hopefully we can continue to have a friendship because I really did like her.

What are you working on now?
I’ve been doing a ton of traveling. It’s gotten really busy lately. It’s definitely getting overwhelming. I’ve gotta get used it. I have a lot of responsibility now. I have about 20 current appearances. I’m working on music and collaborating with some well-known people. I’m also working on a book, a tell-all book about my personal experiences on the show. I’m very excited about it. I’ve enlisted some advice from a well-known writer named Neil Strauss who did Mötley Crüe’s book. I’m also working on getting my clothing line off my own off the ground. And I’m working on moving to LA. I was born there, so a lot of my family is from there.

Talk about the behind-the-scenes stuff on your planned book:
From day one, what happened, my recollection of what happened. My personal feelings, and stuff people don’t know about. Like, this is what really happened. There’s a lot of standing around. There’s a lot of stuff that was edited out. It will be a recap of every episode and a run down of that, about each girl.

What do you wanna do, ultimately?
From my earliest memories, I’ve always wanted to be an actress, singer, model, dancer and be in this industry. That’s been my life dream. Long term goals, I just want to be successful and accomplish all my dreams. I want to be happy and successful and have a solid and steady career in this industry. Personal goal is to be happy and healthy and stable, in a safe and stable situation in my life.

On the rumors about Brett Michael’s hair:

He does have perfect hair. I think Brett’s hair is awesome, as far as any rumor, I’ll say no comment and you’ll have to talk to him about that. I’ll just say that his blonde hair goes perfectly with his blue eyes.

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