News: Paris Hilton on Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson

by | April 14, 2008 at 10:48 AM | General


Paris Hilton’s claws were out and in full display during a recent phone interview with a local radio station. Upon the disc jockey asking her if she would prefer having Jessica Simpson’s or Kim Kardashian’s specific body parts, she responded harshly:

Paris: I would not want that; that’s gross [laughing]
Interviewer: You wouldn’t want an a** like that?
Paris: Um. No. Not at all. It’s disgusting.
Interviewer: Jessica’s rack?
Paris: I like mine. I don’t like big boobs, I think they’re too big.
Interviewer: Wait a minute, you just said Kim Kardashian’s a*** is gross.
Paris: Yeah.
Person in the background: It’s because she’s not a dude [laughing]
Paris: Yeah. It reminds me of cottage cheese inside a trash bag.

We can’t wait for the (very sexy!) ladies, Jess and Kim, to respond to these super mean (and childish!) comments.