Dancing With Your DVR: What To Watch Tonight


The Biggest Loser: Couples: (NBC, 8 PM) After dropping partners and dropping mega pounds throughout the past season, tonight we get the skinny on who will become the next Biggest Loser – and gainer of $250,00 – on live TV. Could it be Ali? The first woman to ever win? Also looking to clean up are Kelly and either Mark or Roger (based on a fan vote), and the biggest home loser will rake in a cool $100, 000.

Hell’s Kitchen: (Fox, 9 PM) Chickening out is not an option in the fowlest cooking competition yet.

Work Out: (Bravo, 11 PM) It’s a new season, which means Jackie’s got a new girlfriend, more muscles, and less Rebecca.

Deadliest Catch: (Discovery, 9 PM) This crazy crew of dudes heads back out to sea hoping to catch crabs (tee hee) in tonight’s season 4 premiere.

The Real Housewives of New York City: (Bravo, 10 PM) Jill hosts a Big Apple party fit for a Countess in tonight’s season finale. Speaking of, where is the Countess? Oh, just visiting a family monument: The Statue of Liberty.

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