News: PETA Sends Beyonce a Fur-Friendly Engagement Gift


PETA has a well publicized hit-list of celebrity goofballs who repeatedly make them angry for their fur-wearing, meat-eating ways. PETA has declared a cease-fire on Beyonce Knowles, whose fur-friendly fashion actually spurred an attack on the songstress at the restaurant NOBU. They have sent her a special gift to honor her engagement:

We have folks in the office who comb through every celebrity magazine and watch every “Inside Hollywood”-type entertainment show to see (among other things) who’s wearing fur and where they got it from during a given season. And may God bless them for making this noble sacrifice. But the latest report on Beyoncé—who’s been getting an earful from us for years now, including a face-to-face ambush at a restaurant in 2007—is that she’s clean. Not a single sighting of Beyoncé in a fur coat all winter.

So we’re calling a ceasefire. As a goodwill gesture, PETA Senior VP Lisa Lange just sent newlyweds Beyoncé and Jay-Z a luxurious throw from top faux fur maker Fabulous Furs accompanied by the following note:

“From all of us at PETA, we wish you much happiness in your life together. Please accept this faux-fur throw with many good wishes and a hope from us that together, you’ll be a fur-free couple!”

Or, as she told the media, “Celebrities know that the easiest way to keep PETA off their backs is by keeping fur off their backs. Time will tell if Beyoncé is truly committed to being fur-free, but all indications are that she’s become a real ‘dreamgirl’ for fur-bearing animals.” We’re all pretty interested to see how this one pans out. Let’s hope for the best. [The PETA Files]

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