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Lisa Loeb was everyone’s favorite muse after that wonderful song, Stay, managed to jump off of the Reality Bites soundtrack and into our collective psyches. The world soon became transfixed with this gorgeous, pixie-like girl with the cats eye glasses and the voice like honey. We caught up with our musical heroine upon the launch of her new children’s CD, Camp Lisa, out June 3rd and on Furious ROSE Productions, and she dropped a surprise on us: She will be guest starring on an upcoming episode of our favorite show, Gossip Girl. She also talked about her CD, the charity she has been developing and her collaboration with Steve Martin.

What’s a typical day in the life of Lisa Loeb?
There is no typical day. Every day is completely different. I wake up every morning. Usually an hour to three hours of conference calls, computer work, approvals of art work, and other things that have to do with the business of music weekdays and weekends. Some kind of working out that happens about 5 or 6 days a week. There’s a lot of time spent with friends and my boyfriend. There’s a lot of cooking usually cooking breakfast or lunch. If I’m getting ready for a photo shoot then I’m working with the art director, photographer, or stylist. If we’re getting ready to shoot a music video then I’m working with my producers. I basically have a production company that makes records.

What’s your production company called?
Furious Productions. It’s the umbrella company that makes everything I make…

Tell me about your cameo on Gossip Girl
It’s a cameo. I play myself. In the show, there’s a celebration of the 90’s bands and I host the concert.

Do you watch Gossip Girl?
Yeah. I started watching it. I have a friend who is one of the writers on the show who just came out with a book. Her name is Jessica Crawler. Her book is called “Pretty Is What Changes.” It’s about the cancer gene about having the cancer gene. It’s really serious…and a very well written book.


How did that collaboration come about?
I guess she had been pushing for me to make an appearance on the show. It eventually came up that there was a storyline where they actually needed another musician who was popular in the nineties. And, that’s when my career took place so it worked out.

What’s the Camp Lisa Foundation?
It’s the name of the foundation that we created because as I was making the record I realized I really wanted to share the summer camp experience with other people who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to go to summer camp. We started doing research to find partners to help me achieve that. There was an organization called Scope that already knows how to pick kids to go to summer camp and that are focused on helping develop the kids as people in the community. There’s leadership programs, sports, and activities. So I wanted to work with the organization Scope to give some of the proceeds from my record to help send kids to summer camp. It’s a foundation for underprivileged kids that normally wouldn’t get the chance to go.

What’s your funniest camp experience?
That’s a good question. I’ll have to think about that….

Steve Martin is a guest on your CD. How did that come about?
I met Steve Martin along the way a couple of times. We were trying to figure out who could play banjo on the Disappointing Pancake and the first person that came to mind was Steve Martin. It seemed like kind of a far-out thing because we all idolize Steve Martin and to actually ask him to come play on a record seemed out of control. Low and behold he called me back. I was like, “oh my god he called me back!” It was very exciting. He did a great banjo on Disappointing Pancake. When he came on he was very focused and did a great job…it all worked out.
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Is there a personal story behind the “Disappointing Pancake” song?
It’s inspired by the Texas song like “On Top of Old Smokey” where there’s an inanimate object that goes through life experiences because you sings songs like that in camp. And, pancakes are one of our favorite foods. So we started brainstorming…my two songwriter friends and I…about what would happen to this pancake. This story just like a lot of the other songs on the record has a little bit of a moral to it. It’s about looking for the best in somebody and that everyone’s not the same. Sometimes you are very useful and a good person even if you didn’t do what you were supposed to do. Like disappointing pancake didn’t make the best pancake…

Who are the most played iPod artists on your iPod right now?
I’ve been listening to my sister Debbie Loeb. I’ve been listening to Lazlo Bane. They do the theme song for Scrubs and they most recently did a cover album for 1970’s songs, which is awesome. The new Paul Thorne CD I’ve been listening to. Spoon, Nicklecase…
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How did the idea to do the children’s CD come about?
I made one record called Catch the Moon and there seemed to be a demand for me to make another kid’s record. When I was thinking about I realized that the music I felt most excited and loved the most about my childhood came from my summer camp experiences. I went to day camp for years and years and then eventually I went to sleep-a-way camp for about 6 years. Music really meant a lot to me. It’s really where I learned to play guitar was starting in summer camp. My friends had already taken lessons and she showed me how to play guitar. I learned how to play Stairway to Heaven from her. In summer camp you do things where you change the lyrics…it would be Stairway to our cabin…

Favorite Reality TV?
I watch The Bret Michaels Show…I watch more comedies like 30 Rock and The Office. I watch Lost.

You had a Food Network show with Dweezil Zapa…can we expect more of these food network endeavors?
I hope so. I’ve been talking with different producers and show creators to try and get more food programming on the air. I do spend a lot of time at restaurants talking with chefs. More and more wine as well…it’s become a big part of my life…food and eating. I’m always looking for new restaurants.

Favorite cooking show?
I always love the Alton Brown show…I’m not sure about the production style, but I love the information. And, I love his recipes.
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