News: Geri Halliwell Talks Babies and Posh


Wanna know the quickest way to get close to Victoria Beckham? Pop out a kid! Geri Halliwell talked to People about the rift she faced with Posh in 1998, which resulted in her being left out of Posh and Beck’s wedding guest list (cold!):

“I have huge admiration for Victoria,” says Halliwell. “She had her boys with her the whole time and she’s done such a great job with them – they are all so well mannered and caring. Victoria and I are actually the biggest supporters of each other. We feel really proud of one another.”

Halliwell credits their kids with bringing the two back together. “Romeo [Beckham] is just so sweet with Bluebell,” she says, adding that 3-year-old Cruz Beckham now enjoys play dates with Halliwell’s 23-month-old daughter Bluebell, and that she’s shopped with Cruz’s 9-year-old brother, Brooklyn, too.

“The reunion was an amazing experience – everything I wanted it to be and more,” says Halliwell, who has launched a series of kids books about her 8-year-old alter ego, Ugenia Lavender. [People]

Watch Posh ham it up on Fancast.

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