News: Brooke Hogan Denied College Acceptance


Florida Colleges Don’t Know Best! Brooke Hogan is having a difficult time being accepted to several universities in Florida, all because of her reality TV show. The administration at Florida State, University of South Florida and the University of Central Florida has said no to the Hulk-a-mini babe, due to the distraction that her reality show, Hogan Knows Best, would bring upon the campuses. UCF rep Grant Heston explained: “This is finals week. It’s poor timing, and it’s a commitment of our resources and time that we can’t make right now.” [Watch full episodes of Hogan Knows Best on Fancast]

Luckily, Florida Atlantic University wasn’t as camera-shy, and allowed Brooke to tour the campus with her nine-camera crew. Poor little famous girl, can’t get into a decent college to further her education and then drop out after a year to pursue an acting career! [People]

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