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Norm MacDonald, the original gangster SNL Weekend Update anchor who shared the screen with Chris Farley and talked a bit about him on the new Chris Farley biography, has been hitting the comedy circuit hard lately, with numerous shows throughout the country. Where is he performing? “I’m somewhere every week, but I can’t remember the exact dates. It would take me a full five minutes to tell you that,” he said. Catch what Norm MacDonald is watching on TV during the 16 hours a day he spends watching it (that’s what he told us!).

All Time Favorite Shows:
1. Fawlty Towers is my favorite because it’s the funniest one.
2. The British version of The Office is my second favorite because that’s the second funniest.
3. The Honeymooners because that’s the best American sitcom.
4. Sargeant Bilco or You’ll Never Get Rich because that’s the best show.
5. I never really thought it past number 4…

What’s the one TV show that you’re not watching, but you wish you were watching?
There are a number of shows like that but I’d say 24…or actually The Sopranos. I’ve never seen The Sopranos. It kept going but I didn’t want to see it in the middle. So I had to get all the DVDs and watch it from square one…because obviously people have said that it’s the best show that’s ever been made. But, on the other hand I feel happy because I’ve never seen a great show that other people have already seen…so I get to see it for the first time. It’s like when I first make love to a woman. All these other people they’ve had hundred of women sometimes thousands. But, I’ve had zero so when I finally have it it’ll be a beautiful, wonderful thing.

Ideal TV Show:
I like Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Yeah, I love that show. Listen, I’ll be honest…I’ve auditioned for that show over and over again. I don’t know how much god damn oxycontin you have to eat to be on that thing. And, I really like Jeff Conway…I think he’s the most explosive performer on TV today.

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