Fancast Interview: Amanda Byram of Paradise Hotel 2

Amanda Byram

Amanda Byram is busy. Between finishing up her hosting duties for Paradise Hotel 2, shooting a show with Dennis Miller called Grand Slam, and working on a new show with VH1, her plate is very full. We caught up with the Irish beauty after her long flight back to LA from Europe. She talked about the racy behind-the-scenes shenanigans on Paradise Hotel 2 and what’s the sexiest thing a guy has ever done for her. [Watch full episodes of Paradise Hotel on Fancast. ]

Do you watch Paradise Hotel when it comes on?
I do. Funny enough, I’ve actually seen most of it already. On Fox Reality there’s a thing called Reality Remix so we have to tape our interviews ahead of time because I might be out of town. I’ve had to watch a lot of them back to back before they air. I’ve watched more or less all them, except for the last two actually. I’m going to have to watch them today because I have to work tomorrow. I’m doing a show about the 25 steamiest reality TV…

What’s one of the steamiest moments of the show that comes to mind?
There are so many. A lot of the Tanya and Mike episodes were pretty steamy. And, steamy not so much but shocking was Zach coming back. There were some raunchy moments rather than steamy…one of them being Stephanie and Ryan in the shower doing some things that you wouldn’t want your mother be seeing you doing.

Hmmm. Let’s talk about Stephanie…is she as, um, bubbly off-screen?
She actually is. I feel like she is just really a very bubbly person. I don’t think she was just putting it on or for the camera. I hung out with her during takes. She seems to be that kind of person. She’s fun, she’s a party girl. Her whole thing was that she didn’t want to do this for fame, and a lot of the kids do it for fame—for their 15 minutes or whatever. She didn’t care. She was going home to her family after. She had fun and didn’t want to pursue anything. That kind of bubbly persona is really Steph definitely.

What’s the sexiest thing a guy has ever done for you?
Asked me to come travel the world with him…. thinking you wanna spend that much time with someone is pretty sexy!

On reality TV:

That is the great thing about the show. It’s more like watching a drama than a reality TV show. You couldn’t even write it. It’s like, “is this coming out of their mouths?!” And, yes it is. Great! Love that. In the beginning of course they’re playing to the camera. But, after a while they do get sick of the cameras, and they’re living in this bubble. That bubble is their lives. Then, of course, they get crazy…there’s no radio or TV. They don’t have any external media aside from their own thoughts, which is kind of scary.

What’s the craziest thing that happened on the show that wasn’t caught on camera?

Good question. Everything we’ve actually caught on camera….that’s the scary thing. They’re on camera literally 24/7. Even when they were sleeping there were remote cameras on them. There was nothing that wasn’t caught on camera. The camera crews would go home at 4am and then come back at like 8 in the morning. So everything was caught even if they didn’t want it to be.

Amanda Byram

Was there any one contestant that you didn’t think was going to make it? Maybe who was a little homesick at the beginning?
It’s hard to say. They all at the beginning were a little out of sorts. Everyone seemed to think that “oh god…what have we gotten ourselves into.” I know Ryan at one point…he’s a surfer…said, “I’m done man…I need to go exercise…surf because that’s what I do…” I think he got chaperoned once for a run on the beach. He got pissed off quite a few times actually. Poor love.

Do you have a guilty pleasure reality TV show?

Oh god…it’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It’s so guilty because they all drive me insane especially their mother. Oh my god. As I’m watching it I’m thinking…oh god it’s so inane. I watch that and The Girls Next Door, which is something that is on in the background. The giggles and the stupidity…I can’t actually sit down and watch that. Keeping Up with the Kardashians in a strange way I do enjoy it I’m ashamed to say. And, I’m really looking forward to the Denise Richards one. I think it’s airing in the next couple of weeks and that’s the same producers as Keeping Up with the Kardashians…so we’re guaranteed more rubbish that we’re going to love!

If you could be involved in any other reality show as a contestant which one would it be?
Probably Survivor…I am really, really physical. I go to boot camp and do some extreme sports. Something with a challenge…something like the Amazing Race…something cerebral…something that you can actually use your head and win the game more so than just shag up with the cute guy.

What was it like working with Dennis Miller?
It was fantastic actually. It’s funny because I’ve never worked with him before. When I told people that I was going to work with him, everyone was like “Oh my god…he’s this or that…you’re going to love him or you’re going to hate him!” I just thought he was a gentleman from beginning to end. He was so much fun. He was the type of guy though…comedians are always like this and I dated one for a really long time…when they’re on they’re really, really on and when they’re off…they’re really, really off. When I met him first, he was really quiet and shy. Then he warmed up and got up onstage and you usually couldn’t shut him up for four hours. I’m like, “Oh my god…that’s very strange!” But, he was always so sweet to me and just so intelligent…so incredibly funny and satirical.

What’s next for you right now?
I’m really just in town for another month promoting Paradise Hotel. It’s really the waiting game right now. There’s a bunch of things that could be happening…there’s a possibility of The Swan 3. There are definitely a couple of things that are almost definite, but you just have to keep your fingers crossed.

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