News: Miley Cyrus Embarrased Over Vanity Fair Photos


Miley Cyrus is embarrassed over a set of racy photos featured on Vanity Fair’s latest cover which show her topless with a sheet draped over her upper section, hair tousled, taken by famed photographer Annie Liebovitz. This reminds us of a recent, very similar controversy over a cover image on the NYT of a 17-year-old model posing uh, what else? topless, with a sheet draped over her lower section, looking seductively into the camera, hair tousled. What were the consequences of this photo shoot? Some were castigated, perhaps even fired over it. One wonders whose heads will roll after this controversy. One thing is for sure, the magazine a-book-burnin’ has begun, with a parenting blog already encouraging a Miley Cyrus product bonfire. [Jezebel]

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