On Fancast: Today’s Highlights



1. The Love Boat: Ex Plus Y Graham And Kelly Golden Agers – Hot on Fancast: Exciting and new episodes of The Love Boat! Come aboard, the classic series about passengers searching for romance on a cruise ship is expecting you, and so is a young Scott Baio, who guests in this episode.

2. The Office: Night Out – Continuing on his search for a new lady friend, Michael heads to The Big Apple with Dwight for a wild evening of debauchery.

3. House Preview: Performance Review – Nothing makes House more sour than review time.



Fever Pitch – Hollywood loves Nick Hornby adaptations, and America loves baseball. Put Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon up to bat and you’ve hit a rom com home run.

The Strangers– Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman star as a married couple under siege by three malevolent strangers who’ve broken in to their home.


Make a House call with Hugh Laurie


1. Fancast Interview: Marcia Wallace, A Classy Lady Talks Comedy
2. Watching TV: Norm MacDonald
3. Photos: New Dark Night Posters

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