Recap: The Big Bang Theory

By Jen Smith


After a Penny-light episode last week, I was hoping for a few more one-liners from her this week. I was not disappointed by the latest chapter of The Big Bang Theory, “The Nerdvana Annihilation.” Leonard has discovered an online auction for prop from the movie The Time Machine. Turns out, it was a huge prop. It’s the full-size time machine and it’s taking up half the lobby. Oopsie. After a poor attempt from Howard to fix the elevator by pushing the up button, they’re forced to push it up the stairs. They’ve almost got it when Penny tries to leave for work, but there’s no room to get down the stairs. Sheldon suggests she go to the roof and jump to the next building to get out. Exasperated, she agrees. Mistake #1.

The guys get the time machine in the apartment and set up ground rules. No food, no shoes, and no nakedness on the time machine. (That means you, Howard). What transpires next is perhaps the largest laugh the show has ever received. In a nut shell… Leonard decides to travel to the future to get a cloaking device from Captain Kirk, and while he’s “traveling” Sheldon, Raj and Howard move around the apartment in fast-forward like they’re actually in the midst of a time travel. Brilliant. Penny interrupts their fun… and she’s mad. While jumping to the next building, she got a skinned knee, the door ending up being locked, and she had to be let in off the fire escape by an Armenian family who fed her lamb and tried to set up her with her son. (Did the writers steal my diary again?)

Later, Leonard is upset that Penny yelled at them about the fact that grown men don’t have things like time machines. Sheldon gives him a kinda-sorta pep talk, but Leonard is determined to get rid of all his collectables and nerdy things. After a short fantasy sequence where Leonard pretends he’s a super stud and gives Penny a swoon-worthy kiss (Johnny Galecki needs my phone number, asap), she apologizes. He begins to ask her out on a date when a mystery metro man strolls in and takes her away. Leonard instantly changes his mind about giving up his collection and calls dibs on the time machine.

Overall, great episode. A lot of one-liners, which is great in my book, but also we got a reminder how much Leonard really likes Penny. I like the consistency in his unrequited crush. It makes it seem more real. I heart nerds.

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