News: John Mayer Says He’s Inspired By Michael J. Fox’s Hair


Speaking of Family Ties and Alex P. Keaton! John Mayer points to Michael J. Fox as the primary inspiration for his new hairstyle, one that Jennifer Aniston is surely running her fingers through right this moment (that hussy. He’s mine, Jennifer!). He writes on his blog:
[Check out free episodes of Family Ties on Fancast]

Today I set off on my newest project; to grow and maintain an authentic ’80s style feathered haircut. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time and I’m very excited to bring this amazing look into today’s pop culture landscape. The feathered cut projects an attitude of ease and quiet confidence that seems to have all but eluded our generation.

This is a work in progress, and as my hair grows longer it will serve to become a more stirring and poignant statement. Below are some photographs I used as inspiration. I look forward to reporting on my progress in upcoming blogs.

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