News: Lost Adding Extra Hours


Good news for Lost fans: the hit ABC show is adding 2 more hours to it’s 2009/2010 seasons, reports The Hollywood Reporter. In order to compensate for this year’s strike-halted season (in which 3 hours’ worth of programming was lost) the drama will also be tacking on an additional hour to part two of it’s May 29th season finale. When asked whether of not the show would go beyond it’s current 34-remaining episode order, co-creator Damon Lindelof said “(Executive producer) Carlton Cuse and I worked so hard to get the show to end that I think to suddenly say, ‘Oh, I think we got another season in us’ would be a betrayal to everybody involved in the show — but most of all the audience, It’s better to retire your number at the top of your game.” As for this year’s season finale, Lindelof guaranteed it wouldn’t be nearly as “tricky” as last year’s surprise flash forward. “Hopefully, this year it’s a little bit more of a straightforward action-adventure narrative. But the ending of the episode will hopefully engage and intrigue people looking forward to the next season of the show.”

Speaking of engaging and intriguing, check out this video interview with Tania Raymonde (aka Alex) on the recent death of her character.

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